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Physical Size:

126 inches long  X  32 inches wide  X  80 inches high

Heat Area Length:  75 Inches

Charge (Entrance) and Discharge (Exit): 24 inches each

Power Requirements:

480 volts, 3 , 55 amps


Belt Type – Flatex Wire Belt

Width – 24 in. (2 ft)

Length – 120 in. (10 ft)

Speed – Variable  0-15 ft/min

Heat Zones:

Zone 1 - Ceramic Panel Heaters – Medium Wave

Qty: 2 Panels (12 in. x 24 in. each)

Heated Area: 24 x 24 square inches

Power: 7,200 watts each (14,400 watts total)

Zone Length: 30 in

Zone 2 – T-3 Tungsten Lamps – Short Wave

Qty: 12 Lamps

Heated Length: 12 inches (Conveyor Direction)

Note: Lamps are angled to avoid striping


1,000 watts each

12,000 watts total

Zone Length: 30 inches

Zone 3 – Quartz Lamps – Medium Wave

Qty: 6 Tubes

Heated Length: 22 inches (Across Conveyor)


1,100 watts each

6,600 watts total

Zone Length: 15 inches



All three heat zones can be operated simultaneously, individually or in any combination.

Each zone includes a digital temperature controller which is set at the required temperature and in conjunction with a solid state power controller, maintains heater temperature.

All three heat zones have blowers which result in the product seeing a combination of direct infrared radiation and warm moving air.

The T-3 short wave section has an adjustable air knife to provide a laminar flow of air on the product.


Structure – Mild steel fabrication and tubing

Insulated Panels – Aluminized Steel

Heat Zone Covers – Perforated Aluminum

Conveyor Guides – Stainless Steel

Color: Osha Safety Blue

Mobility: 4 Caster assemblies provide easy mobility

Price:  $20,000.00

Delivery:  In Stock


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