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RSI Thermonitor™ Temperature Monitor System

The RSI Thermonitor is designed to monitor critical process temperatures and alert the operator via pilot lights so he or she may take corrective action.  Or, the RSI Thermonitor can be wired into existing control systems to provide automatic action to be initiated. 

The operator enters upper and lower limits to establish an acceptable operational range for the process at hand.  Should the instrument read outside the established range, contacts transfer and pilot lights indicate an alarm condition.

  1. NEMA 12 electronics.
  2. Rugged sensing head.
  3. 15' Plug in cable (50' optional).
  4. Digital termperature readout.
  5. Panel mount fuse.
  6. Indicating lights.
  7. Power control switch.
  8. 6' Power supply cord.
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Key Benefits

Increased productivity.
Saves money.
Improves product quality.
Easy to install and operate.


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