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Modular Infra-Red Dryers

Applications for printers and converters of paper, film and foil -- specializing in water-based printing and coating applications. 


Heated Width:  12 thru 90 inches.  Ideal for between color drying on stack presses where space is at a premium and speeds are relatively slow.

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Heated Width:  12 thru 90 inches.  Our most popular unit has been proven effective as a booster to hot air dryers or between colors on Cl and unit type presses.

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Heated Width:  16 thru 90 inches.  The unique air flow design makes this unit the choice when maximum drying capacity is required.  Recommended for high speeds and for film and coating applications. 

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Designed specifically for your application using "standard" components to provide a custom engineered system -- manufactured to the high quality standards of which you are accustomed.  And all within your budget constraints -- an excellent value. 

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Key Benefits

Increased Productivity
Improved Product Quality
Clean Operation
Lower Operating Costs
Lower Insurance Costs
Low Maintenance
Less Downtime
Lower Capital Costs


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