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Cherokee Finishing Company,
Decorative Print Division of Spartan Mills

Problem:  Customer was experiencing excessive equipment failure on their older, ribbon-type, electric (IR) dryer.  The element failures were causing Cherokee's maintenance costs to spiral and were disrupting production schedules almost daily. Analysis:  The ribbon-type electric infrared unit was inadequate for removing large amounts of water from the fabric.  It is likely that the moisture condensing on the foil strips caused them to corrode and the elements to fail. 
Solution:  Cherokee worked with Duke Power to select Radiation Systems'   air-flow electric IR because of its simplicity of operation, minimal maintenance, precise temperature control and energy efficiency.

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Customers' Bottom Line

Benefits Cost
Reduced Maintenance Costs:  $120,000 annually.
Reduced Operating Costs:  Energy efficiency of 82% vs. 48% for older equipment.
Improved Quality due to precise temperature control.
Increased Productivity
Better Plan Environment
Project Cost of the 864 kW air-flow electric IR predryer was approximately $205,000.
Installation time was 3-4 weeks using 90% in-house labor.
Payback period was estimated to be 9 months.

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