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Blair Mills -- Belton, South Carolina
Manufacturer of Terry Cloth Towels and Washcloths

Problem:  Customer required additional drying capacity.  With no available space and limited boiler capacity, adding another loop dryer meant a considerable investment in floor space.  Analysis: Vacuum extractors might help, but would also snag terry cloth and mean a decrease in production.  
Solution:  Blair Mills decided to install a Radiation Systems' electric air-flow infrared (IR) predryer in the 12 ft. long space between its larger loop dryer and a solid brick wall.  To save power and avoid harming the cloth, a tach-speed switch turns the electric IR predryer off whenever line speed dips under 7 yd/min. 

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Customers' Bottom Line

Benefits Cost
Same High Quality
Increased production by 150%.
Faster Drying
Incrementally Increased Drying
Small Footprint:  The RSI electric IR predryer is 14 ft x 3.8 ft, or 53 sq. ft.
Decreased Energy Costs.
Project Cost of the for the electric IR unit was approximately $100,000.
Payback period was estimated to be less than  12 months.

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